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August 1, 2017 — We're always reading submissions.

January 30, 2017 — If you liked our 2016 fiction, help us release more issues this year. Buy a book, donate, write a review, submit stories, tell your friends.

October 31, 2016 — Issue 28 published today with six new stories of weird, wonder, and horror!


For more information on our contributors, see their bio at the end of each story (link), or visit their author website (➚).

Brian Ames Prayer for the Dying
Julia August Delia's Door |
Daniel Ausema Scolyard’s “The Constructs Forsee Their Doom” |
Neil Ayers In the Rose Garden | Coma
D. Morgan Ballmer That Old Family Tree
Kelly Barnhill Tabula Rasa |
Laird Barron Hour of the Cyclops |
M. Bennardo The Book in Dutch |
H. David Blalock To Our Brothers
R.S. Bohn Judith of Lions |
Jennifer Hollie Bowles Inside the Ganges
Lisa M. Bradley The Starfish |
Lida Broadhurst Miyagu
Adam Browne A Restrospective | The Biologie of Paradise |
Georgina Bruce Witchwood
Kealan Patrick Burke The End of Mr. Blame |
Nadia Bulkin The Five Stages of Grief |
Seth Cadin No Signal
Woody Carsky-Wilson The Felon
Dixon Chance The Murmurous Paleoscope
Vajra Chandrasekera The Calf |
Michael Christie The Stinking Creep
Miranda Ciccone And Their Hearts As Engines
Jai Clare Mascots and Martyrs | The Roof of God |
Brendan Connell Orach
Gary W. Conner Swim In Sediment | These Stand for Me
Lloyd Connor Some Corner of a Dorset Field that is Forever Arabia
Brian J. Conrad Angel of the Sand
Laura Cooney The Rubee
Lawrence Conquest Big in Japan |
John Craig The Belly of the Night
Ward Crockett Doors of Seconds
Matthew Chrulew Burning in the Banshee's Absence |
Tim Curran The Moon in Their Eyes | Noctulos |
Thomas Deja Rats From Spain
Michael J. DeLuca Decay |
Kristi DeMeester The Marking |
Corrine De Winter Tuesdays After Midnight |
Lauren Dixon Sheela of the Good Shepherd |
Michael S. Dodd The Madwoman
Dorothea Duenow Abilene
Mae Empson The Eel Question |
Isaac Fellows Fighting Fate |
Gemma Files One in the Morning and One at Night | Pretend That We're Dead |
April French Oddities
R. David Fulcher The Bogeyman, Pt. II
C.S. Fuqua The Occasional Demon |
Cody Goodfellow Feast of the Ixiptla
Amy Grech Rampart |
Brenden Haukos Isabelle
Markus Harmon Papers from a Deserted House
Jason Hauser A Thorn in Nevelshelle's Side |
Alex Hernandez The Jicotea Princess
Christopher Hivner The Silence
Tory Hoke The Body in the Narrows |
Miles Hurt The Burning One |
Marc Hutcheson William's Relic
Mel Kassel Negligible Senescence |
Keffy R. M. Kehrli She Dances on Knives |
Gwendolyn Kiste Something Borrowed, Something Blue |
DeAnna Knippling Bad House Spirit | The Edge of the World |
Claude Lalumière At the World Tree Hotel | The Hecate Centuria |
Justin Lee Totentanz
D.F. Lewis Murky's Tales | Dark House Lane |
Rich Logsdon The Impaling of Jenny Curtis
Edward C. Lynskey Zombie
Darja Malcolm-Clarke Of Cog and Feather
J.M. McDermott Fox in the Fields | I Will Trade With You The End of Her World |
John Medaille Union Member #448
Stephen Minchin All That's Best
Samuel Minier Reflecting House |
Sunny Moraine The Cold Death of Papa November |
Edward Morris Jihad Over Innsmouth |
Michelle Muenzler Hoarfrost |
Mary Musselman Eye of the Beholder
Shweta Narayan Kohl-lined |
Mari Ness Offgrid | Dreams of Elephants and Ice |
Nikki J. North What a Wolf Wants |
Dirk van Nouhuys The Swan |
Kevin Oatley Demon Seed | The Excelsior
Simon Owens There Are Kittens Better Than These |
Dru Pagliassotti Peter, Peter |
Graeme Penman Forever |
Cat Rambo Eggs of Stone |
Claudius Reich Snowdrift
Jessica Reisman The Demon of Russet Street | A Feather's Weight |
Andrew Penn Romine No God West of Pearceville |
Cheryl W. Ruggiero Botch's Astronomy
Sara Saab Little Seller of La Quarantaine
Vicki Saunders Carpe Chelonian | Whale Woman Watche
Steven Saus Hard Lesson |
Brett A. Savory A Room of Incense |
Vera Searles The Same Song Every Midnight
Steve Sidor Snowcatters |
Beecher Smith The Burrower From the Bluff |
Thomas Lee Joseph Smith The Last Idea
H. Turnip Smith Toyland
Darren Speegle Porta Nigra
Jennifer Stakes The Birdstories of Jaywalker
Ferrett Steinmetz The Bliss Machine | Riding Atlas | Dead Prophecies |
Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam Where You Come From |
Bret Tallman The Far Bank | The Tab
Lester Thees The Kartoupelos
Leah Thomas The Drove
E. Catherine Tobler In the Otherwise Dark | Ladybird |
Nick Tramdack The Smile |
Chuck Von Nordheim Apotheosis of Deacon J
Tim Waggoner Simulacrum |
Wendy N. Wagner The Last Doll War |
D. Elizabeth Wasden Convergence
Clay Waters Ten-foot Two, Eyes of Blue |
Aliya Whiteley Glum Dreams |
A.C. Wise Her Last Breath Before Waking |
David J. Wright Contract Work
Lee Clark Zumpe Saurian Bridge |


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