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October 31, 2016 — Issue 28 published today with six new stories of weird, wonder, and horror!

January 5, 2016 — We've updated our submission guidelines, please take a look.


For more information on our contributors, see their bio at the end of each story (link), or visit their author website (➚).

Brian Ames Prayer for the Dying
Julia August Delia's Door |
Daniel Ausema Scolyard’s “The Constructs Forsee Their Doom” |
Neil Ayers In the Rose Garden | Coma
D. Morgan Ballmer That Old Family Tree
Kelly Barnhill Tabula Rasa |
Laird Barron Hour of the Cyclops |
M. Bennardo The Book in Dutch |
H. David Blalock To Our Brothers
R.S. Bohn Judith of Lions |
Jennifer Hollie Bowles Inside the Ganges
Lisa M. Bradley The Starfish |
Lida Broadhurst Miyagu
Adam Browne A Restrospective | The Biologie of Paradise |
Georgina Bruce Witchwood
Kealan Patrick Burke The End of Mr. Blame |
Nadia Bulkin The Five Stages of Grief |
Seth Cadin No Signal
Woody Carsky-Wilson The Felon
Dixon Chance The Murmurous Paleoscope
Vajra Chandrasekera The Calf |
Michael Christie The Stinking Creep
Miranda Ciccone And Their Hearts As Engines
Jai Clare Mascots and Martyrs | The Roof of God |
Brendan Connell Orach
Gary W. Conner Swim In Sediment | These Stand for Me
Lloyd Connor Some Corner of a Dorset Field that is Forever Arabia
Brian J. Conrad Angel of the Sand
Laura Cooney The Rubee
Lawrence Conquest Big in Japan |
John Craig The Belly of the Night
Ward Crockett Doors of Seconds
Matthew Chrulew Burning in the Banshee's Absence |
Tim Curran The Moon in Their Eyes | Noctulos |
Thomas Deja Rats From Spain
Michael J. DeLuca Decay |
Kristi DeMeester The Marking |
Corrine De Winter Tuesdays After Midnight |
Lauren Dixon Sheela of the Good Shepherd |
Michael S. Dodd The Madwoman
Dorothea Duenow Abilene
Mae Empson The Eel Question |
Isaac Fellows Fighting Fate |
Gemma Files One in the Morning and One at Night | Pretend That We're Dead |
April French Oddities
R. David Fulcher The Bogeyman, Pt. II
C.S. Fuqua The Occasional Demon |
Cody Goodfellow Feast of the Ixiptla
Amy Grech Rampart |
Brenden Haukos Isabelle
Markus Harmon Papers from a Deserted House
Jason Hauser A Thorn in Nevelshelle's Side |
Alex Hernandez The Jicotea Princess
Christopher Hivner The Silence
Tory Hoke The Body in the Narrows |
Miles Hurt The Burning One |
Marc Hutcheson William's Relic
Mel Kassel Negligible Senescence |
Keffy R. M. Kehrli She Dances on Knives |
Gwendolyn Kiste Something Borrowed, Something Blue |
DeAnna Knippling Bad House Spirit | The Edge of the World |
Claude Lalumière At the World Tree Hotel | The Hecate Centuria |
Justin Lee Totentanz
D.F. Lewis Murky's Tales | Dark House Lane |
Rich Logsdon The Impaling of Jenny Curtis
Edward C. Lynskey Zombie
Darja Malcolm-Clarke Of Cog and Feather
J.M. McDermott Fox in the Fields | I Will Trade With You The End of Her World |
John Medaille Union Member #448
Stephen Minchin All That's Best
Samuel Minier Reflecting House |
Sunny Moraine The Cold Death of Papa November |
Edward Morris Jihad Over Innsmouth |
Michelle Muenzler Hoarfrost |
Mary Musselman Eye of the Beholder
Shweta Narayan Kohl-lined |
Mari Ness Offgrid | Dreams of Elephants and Ice |
Nikki J. North What a Wolf Wants |
Dirk van Nouhuys The Swan |
Kevin Oatley Demon Seed | The Excelsior
Simon Owens There Are Kittens Better Than These |
Dru Pagliassotti Peter, Peter |
Graeme Penman Forever |
Cat Rambo Eggs of Stone |
Claudius Reich Snowdrift
Jessica Reisman The Demon of Russet Street | A Feather's Weight |
Andrew Penn Romine No God West of Pearceville |
Cheryl W. Ruggiero Botch's Astronomy
Sara Saab Little Seller of La Quarantaine
Vicki Saunders Carpe Chelonian | Whale Woman Watche
Steven Saus Hard Lesson |
Brett A. Savory A Room of Incense |
Vera Searles The Same Song Every Midnight
Steve Sidor Snowcatters |
Beecher Smith The Burrower From the Bluff |
Thomas Lee Joseph Smith The Last Idea
H. Turnip Smith Toyland
Darren Speegle Porta Nigra
Jennifer Stakes The Birdstories of Jaywalker
Ferrett Steinmetz The Bliss Machine | Riding Atlas | Dead Prophecies |
Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam Where You Come From |
Bret Tallman The Far Bank | The Tab
Lester Thees The Kartoupelos
Leah Thomas The Drove
E. Catherine Tobler In the Otherwise Dark | Ladybird |
Nick Tramdack The Smile |
Chuck Von Nordheim Apotheosis of Deacon J
Tim Waggoner Simulacrum |
Wendy N. Wagner The Last Doll War |
D. Elizabeth Wasden Convergence
Clay Waters Ten-foot Two, Eyes of Blue |
Aliya Whiteley Glum Dreams |
A.C. Wise Her Last Breath Before Waking |
David J. Wright Contract Work
Lee Clark Zumpe Saurian Bridge |


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