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Print anthologies contain multiple issues in a limited edition trade paperback. (Click image to enlarge.)

3LBE vol VIII cover 3LBE VIII

(Issues 29–32)
24 stories, 41 art, 284p.
release 11/30/2021

3LBE vol VII cover 3LBE VII

(Issues 25–28)
22 stories, 34 art, 268p.
release 5/18/2021

3LBE volume VI cover 3LBE VI

(Issues 21–24)
24 stories, 37 art, 282p.
release 10/15/2020

3LBE volume V cover 3LBE V

(Issues 16–20)
30 stories, 274p.
release 3/1/2011

3LBE volume IV cover 3LBE IV

(Issues 13–15)
12 stories, 140p.
release 10/15/2009

3LBE volume III cover 3LBE III

(Issues 9–12)
15 stories, 180p.
release 4/30/2007

3LBE volume II cover 3LBE II

(Issues 5–8)
13 stories, 180p.
release 10/10/2004

3LBE volume I cover 3LBE I

(Issues 1–4)
14 stories, 176p.
release 9/15/2002

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The following issues are available in EPUB or PDF formats, and DRM-free.

Issue 38 cover

Issue 38 ebook NEW!

Issue 37 cover

Issue 37 ebook

Issue 36 cover

Issue 36 ebook

Issue 35 cover

Issue 35 ebook

Issue 34 cover

Issue 34 ebook

issue 33 cover

Issue 33 ebook

issue 32 cover

Issue 32 ebook

issue 31 cover

Issue 31 ebook

issue 30 cover

Issue 30 ebook

issue 29 cover

Issue 29 ebook

issue 28 cover

Issue 28 ebook

issue 27 cover

Issue 27 ebook

issue 26 cover

Issue 26 ebook

issue 25 cover

Issue 25 ebook

issue 24 cover

Issue 24 ebook

issue 23 cover

Issue 23 ebook

issue 22 cover

Issue 22 ebook

issue 21 cover

Issue 21 ebook

issue 20 cover

Issue 20 ebook

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Cover Art

Limited edition high-resolution prints, 12 x 9" (Click image to enlarge)

3LBE Volume VII cover 3LBE VIII

3LBE Volume VIII cover
family depiction

3LBE Volume VII cover 3LBE VII

3LBE Volume VII cover

3LBE Volume VI cover 3LBE VI

3LBE Volume VI cover
shelter here

3LBE Volume V cover 3LBE V

3LBE Annual V cover

3LBE Volume IV cover 3LBE Volume IV cover

3LBE Annual IV cover
the world through there

3LBE Annual III cover 3LBE Annual III cover

3LBE Annual III cover

3LBE Annual II cover 3LBE Annual II cover

3LBE Annual II cover

3LBE Annual I cover 3LBE Annual I cover

3LBE Annual I full cover

3LBE Issue 34 cover 3LBE Issue 34 cover

3LBE Issue 34 cover

3LBE Issue 21 cover 3LBE Issue 21 cover

3LBE Issue 21 cover
out for a sunday drive

3LBE Issue 19 cover 3LBE Issue 19 cover

3LBE Issue 19 cover

Prints of front covers for issues 1–38 are also available, 6 x 9"

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