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Issue 23

May 2013

The Murmurous Paleoscope

by Dixon Chance

I wish I had better news about the dig, but ere I relate that tale, I would be remiss if I did not assure you that the Paleoscope and Lithotome have made the journey to Utah fully intact, though it was a hard thing those last hundred miles by stage […]


One in the Morning and One at Night

by Gemma Files

How it happens is simple, like any other accident, any other wound. Alena is walking to the garbage, a bag in either hand, when suddenly she’s seized by the notion that if she turns her back on the utterly empty end of the hallway […]


Scolyard’s “The Constructs Foresee Their Doom”

by Daniel Ausema

The most significant relationship of my life — and I’ve led a long and strange one, a life poisoned and infected by my beloved, decaying, doomed city — was with a man I never met. Do you know of the artist Pen Scolyard? Few have heard of him today, but he did have one work that people once knew […]


The Hecate Centuria

by Claude Lalumière

In the light of the full moon, her vision enhanced by vermilion, Dematria watched in horror as Hecate’s changeling centurions terrorized her beloved goddess-city, Venera. The Romans had so far ignored the archipelago; in return the city-state fed the Roman capital with a steady supply of underpriced vermilion spice […]

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Lawrence Conquest

by Big in Japan

On the third day they bound my father with rope and lowered his body over the side of the boat. He could no longer speak by that point, his voice having degenerated into a series of choking coughs, but his eyes retained their old intelligence. […]


I Will Trade With You

by J.M. McDermott

The north star is still in my palm.

North, I keep on, but there’s no way to know how far I walked before I stopped to rest on this lump of sand instead of that one. I need to rest to keep walking with these old, uncertain bones. […]


Issue 23

May 2013

3LBE 23

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